How to choose a quality CBD product – Follow these 4 Tips

quality CBD product in San Antonio Texas

The CBD market is growing quickly, and while there are many quality CBD products to choose from, the industry is still in its beginning stages and largely unregulated. This means that choosing the CBD product that is best suited for you, your needs, and your lifestyle can be somewhat confusing. Read on as The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe product experts teach you how to determine if a CBD product is good quality.

1- Read Product Labels

When choosing a CBD product, the label is one of the most important things to look at. There are thousands of products on the market, so knowing how to read a CBD product label will help ensure you’re getting a quality product. Look for the following information on a CBD product label:

-CBD content: the label should specify how much CBD the product contains as an active ingredient per serving

-THC content: CBD products cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. This should be specified on the label

-Type of CBD: is it full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate?

-Medical claims: The FDA does not allow CBD products to make medical claims. If a CBD product label has these claims – beware, as this may indicate a manufacturer or seller that is not operating with integrity

– QR code: a QR code links to a document the provides additional information like the product’s batch number, expiration date and Certificate of Analysis (COA), which is an analysis from an accredited laboratory showing the breakdown of cannabinoids in a CBD product

By knowing what to look for on a CBD product label and asking questions, you’ll be able to find a quality CBD product that meets your individual needs.

2- Know Where the Hemp is Sourced From

Hemp is grown all over the world, but currently US-grown hemp has the strictest growing standards, so it is important to know where the hemp in your CBD products was sourced from to ensure they are high quality. Hemp grown in the USA is regulated by the US Department of Agriculture. US hemp farmers are required to meet certain cultivation standards, as well as submit their hemp for testing by third-party laboratories to ensure its THC content is within the legal limit of 0.3%. The best quality hemp plants are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides and without artificial fertilizers or GMO’s.

Most companies are upfront about where their hemp is grown, so if a CBD retailer hesitates to disclose this information, you are better off looking elsewhere for your CBD products. The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe in San Antonio Texas is proud to offer high quality CBD products made with US-grown hemp.

3- Make Sure the CBD Product is Lab Tested

Since CBD products aren’t federally regulated, reputable CBD companies have their products tested at unbiased, third-party labs to prove that their products contain what the label says. The results of these lab tests should be readily available on a CBD retailer’s website or in-store in the form of a Certificate of Analysis. This is a document that includes a breakdown of all cannabinoids present and their quantities, along with chemical and microbial testing results.

Having these lab results helps ensure a high quality product that contains exactly what the label says it does, and is free from potentially harmful substances like heavy metals and mycotoxins. If you are unsure about a product’s quality, don’t hesitate to ask for lab results. If lab test results aren’t available, you have no proof of what’s really in that CBD product.

4- Choose a Product made by a “Soil to Oil” Company

When possible, choose products that are made by companies who know the ins and outs of the product they sell. A “soil to oil” or vertically integrated CBD company takes care of growing, harvesting, processing, and ultimately, marketing its product right up until the sale is made. When a company has total control over all stages of CBD production – from the hemp plants’ growth in the field until the finished product is packaged and ready to sell – you get better product consistency and quality, and a quality product that’s worth every penny.

The aforementioned tips can help narrow down your search for the right CBD product that safely meets your requirements. Consider The Farmacy Botanical Shoppe as your trusted source for high quality, lab tested CBD products. Place your order online now for same-day botanical deliveries in San Antonio Texas.

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